Physical distancing measures for monitoring and managing Covid-safe facilities means the rooms and locations have to be managed with capacity limits.

To assist with this REACH has introduced a new feature for location management called Location Capacity Monitor. This allows you to monitor the number of people at any location in real time and provide you with alerts which are triggered when your locations are reaching or have exceeded capacity.

Real time monitoring

When location capacities are set in REACH real time monitoring of populations at each location is automatic and displayed in your REACH portal as

  • A traffic light display in your header bar, and
  • A population count in the Kiosk location legend

Any location that has a maximum capacity set will then be monitored in real time in REACH automatically.

Kiosk count display

In the locations legend of your Kiosk screen a live count for the number of people at the location will be displayed. When a population warning trigger is activated this will display as a coloured icon beside the location name.

This is only visible when you are in the Kiosk view of your REACH portal and only locations that have a maximum capacity set will display a count.

Capacity traffic light indicator

The Capacity traffic light indicator is visible in the header bar of your REACH portal at all times regardless of the screen that you are using in REACH.

The traffic lights will display the number of locations that are